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    Question SiteStudio CPU loads?

    Hey Ya'll -

    I'm considering adding "SiteStudio" to my list of "freebies" that would come w/ our hosting accounts ... I've narrowed my choices down to either SiteStudio or SoHoLaunch Web studio ...

    I noticed that SiteStudio requires java/tomcat ... I know that in Plesk7, theTomcat/java app is a known CPU-resource hog ... I can only imagine if a lot of customers (250 customers per server, 50 or more who may use "point-and-click" site building) used it, how it would affect the server?

    SohoLaunch webstudio was PHP/MYSQL based ...

    Any ideas?

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    SiteStudio does use a lot of juice because of it's Java connections. Having said that, although it increases the average load, you won't notice a degredation in hosted sites' page loading speeds.


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