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    Single versus Multiple mySQL Databases

    I've been trying to figure out the advantages of having more than one database and any help would be appreciated. From what I have found so far a database on a server can be any size as long as it doesn't exceed the storage capacity of your plan. You can add as many tables as you like to a particular database, as long as they have different names.

    I am thinking of starting a web business that will employ at least one database, but is the only advantage of having more than 1 database the ability to have separate tables of the same name because they are in separate databases? Is there some other limit that 1 database imposes that I'm not aware of?

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    I can think of three advantages:

    1) Organisation
    2) Security - use different usernames and passwords for each database
    3) Speed - on a *very* minor scale

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    4) Easier backup

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    So there is no limitation as far as data storage goes, it just adds "ease of use" and flexibility?

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    The only limit will be the file size your operating system allows (usually 2 GB)

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