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    CDX Solutions

    They seem like a great hosting company. Can anyone give me some personal experience they have from this company? Are they reliable, friendly, honest, etc?

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    Try searching on the forums for feedback

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    I did. Alot of times people said they limited it to about three sites with cdx included but nobody really talked much about cdx. I want to just talk about cdx.

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    Hi Ryino

    I ran a search on google about 'cdx solutions' reviews from hosting forums.....and look what i found....

    Never undermine the depth of WHT

    Hope that gives u a lead....Although i never had any personal experience with that company

    Good Luck

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    You can always just ask me
    IQ Studio
    [email protected]

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    Alright. What do you say to people who say that you are friendly but cant run a server? What about taking forever to respond to support questions?

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    I signed up for an account with CDX solutions a few days ago.

    Though they had me specify my own username and password during the signup process, at the end it said login information would be SENT to me within 24 hours. I received nothing from them after the autoresponse mail sent upon my signing up. Naturally I was unable to login with the name and password I specified myself. They also failed to respond to my tech support inquiries for more than two days. I only heard from them when I filed a complaint with hosting assured. In the moderation thread they said something about going through an audit at the time I signed up, well maybe so, but that doesn't excuse them from ignoring my tech support inquires.

    At least they responded quickly when I said I'd withdraw my complaint pending a full refund of my money on account that I never actually received any services from them.

    I can't tell you what they are like as an actual webhost, but their unresponsiveness in my case was more than enough for me to change my mind about them.

    Now where am I in my hosting search? I'm looking for middle ground between the too cheap to provide acceptable service hosts like cdx, and the very expensive such as orcsweb.

    I'm thinking about beachcomber -- But I don't have a lot to go on. I like the fact that they have a user forum and promise prompt 24/7 support. I would be willing to spend a little more than beachcomber charges, but there seem to be two classes and no middle ground.

    I need, access db, 500mb of disk space, 10-15GB of transfer and acceptable service and performance. If anyone knows of a host who can provide that for less than 30 per month let me know.

    Nothing personal CDX, you may be a fine host but in my case you failed me, whether it was in your control or not. You can't blame me for giving up on you guys and going elsewhere.
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    I have been grilling cdx all day and they have answered me very quickly. Within the hour everytime. So I guess I am not sure what you are talking about.

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    Oh sure, they were prompt with me too when I had pre-sales questions.

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    i currently use cdx but it is a very frustrating experience for me. they have a great fast connection and once you are set up it seems like a great cheap solution. however, there tech support is extremely slow and annoying to deal with. they take at least 24 hours to respond but very rarely get things right first try(never for me, but i will give them the benifit of the doubt). they will not respond for 2 days and then when they respond they will tell you they need some information from you before they can help you, but the real kicker will be that you sent the information that is blocking them in the email they responded too(they allready had the information they claim they need). I really don' think they are incompotent but i think that what they attempt to do is analogous to snoozing an alarm clock. you send an email for help, they send a resonse that makes no sense and attempts to place the blame with you. This buys them another day or two before they have to deal with your issue. very annoying. I have found that if you threaten them enough, that you will post negative things on the net, that they get a little more responsive but not much more helpful. in general, expect about a 1 week turn around to have them do anything for you. if you want a setting changed, it will probably take about a week and around 4-6 emails from you to make it happen. i am sure that eric will come on here and try and deny these things but i have tons of email threads that will support what i am saying that i would glady forward to anyone who cares to see them. in fact, if they try and come on here and say that i am lying about these things i will probably just post a few up just so people know i am on the level.

    anway, it is a good cheap hosting option if your site is not a business related site and you can afford to have down times due to bad support.

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    I up this post because I'm on CDX Solutions, and I give you my opinion.

    I'm hosted by cdx since october 2004. Before, I was on, I changed only for money reason and MSSQL database availability.

    I will explain you why I looking for a new one.

    Since last month, I was very happy with them. It was not 100%uptime, but I was fine for me.

    Then, I got a strange lag time with their smtp servers. If I send mails to someone distant (with some time zone) the mail always appears after 3 or more hours I send it.
    I thought it was some bug between local server time and GMT time, but the support didn't found anything.

    Now, they changed datacenter and since last week my web site got a lot of errors. Most of the time a dead SQL Server.

    I got an email with all the informations about the new datacenter, and configuration informations (new DNS servers, new SQL Servers, new FTP, ...) but nothing works.
    The SQLServer name is not the same as its IP address.
    The FTP Server refuse to log me in.

    I made 2 user tickets since sunday but no response was yet given.

    I know nothing. Neither if it's me or cdx...

    Maybe I hope that the CDX user here can help me. Or not.


    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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    Zorg, I've checked the trouble ticket system and I can't seem to find anything from you about the email problem, and I also can't seem to find your real name or email address. If you would please send me an email at [email protected], or through the support page on our site, I make sure that these issues get resolved immediatly.

    As for the rest of the tread about out support time, everyone was very correct. We have had a lot of problems with support in the past, from hosting companies who's email servers were always going down, to support techs who rarely did their job and did a poor one at that. I'd like to apologize to the few of you that have been affected by this, and i'd also like to let everyone know that we have migrated our clients to a new datacenter with a better server uptime, we have gotten rid of the tech support personal that were causing the problems, and we are on the road to much better service and support.
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