I need to have a flash menu designed that's got the characteristics as follows:

It should read a configuration file (flat file) for controlling height, width, font, foreground and background colors.

It should also allow me to indicate the names of the menus, the items of those menus and the links that show up under them.

We currently have this with DHTML, however, it's interfering with another script that we need to have running.

Basically, I'm looking for something similar to what we have currently on www.REIClub.com navigation menu. Please post your estimates here, no private messages, no emails.

Please have proof of your work/portfolio, and indicate a way to contact you. I would prefer someone that's over 18 years old, we're not looking for bottom dollar prices, but we're also not looking for top dollar prices, either.

Payment will be via PayPal, after the job has been completed. I may also require telephone contact, as well, before and during the project.

Please only reply to this post if you can do this job, any other replies will be requested to be removed (sorry for this one, just seems that any time I post in any of the advertising forums, some person gets the bright idea to trash it).