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    Looking For A Host for a School Newspaper

    I am currently looking for a site that will host my school newspaper's online version for around $10 a month. I need PHP, CGI and most importantly, I need SSI with #exec-cgi functionality. I know that some hosts like Netfirms does not have this function. What hosts would you recommend for this project? Do I have a chance of getting a better deal since this is for a school newspaper?

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    i'm not sure they'll give you a discount since you're a school newspaper, but its worth a try...

    try looking through the host listed here:

    they contain many of the good hosting companies, but not all, i'd suggest picking one from there that fits your needs and searching wht for any reviews...

    you also might want to read through this forum as much as you can and look at the signatures of other people & its reviews here...

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    I'm sure you can find a host for about 10$ a month with the features you want.

    Check out the forum and signatures, I'm sure you'll find one.

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    you can also post your request here:

    you are most likely to get something with your budget
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  5. #5 has #exec-cgi functionality.

    i host with ehostpros *hint*
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    There's actually a few folks that would allow this functionality. As was previously suggested, look at people's signatures, utilize the Host Quote feature, and make WHT and Google Search your best friend for a few hours.
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    Real Web Host is one of the best out there. . I used them for over a year before I started All in 1. Even then I started as a re-seller through them because I knew they were dependable enough to base my reputation on. They never let me down.
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    I may have a solution for you spllrman, but you are too "new" to receive PM's and you have chosen not to allow people to send you emails thru the board.

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    Email Me

    Sightz: I have enabled sending emails through the board now. Thank you for your suggestion. Please email me with the solution you have. Thanks.

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