Hello , i am looking to sell all our names in one package !

there are over 450 domain names - and as you can see on the list ( link) many very good names.

most of the names are parked and getting traffic - the income from the parking pages takes care of ALL renewal fees of ALL domains.

the list is located here: www.wolfis.com/all.htm

looking for an $ 110,000 straight cash offer or ;

payment plan with $ 5000 down and $ 2000 per month for 60 month ($ 125,000)

or an very attractive high value domain name or business or real estate to trade or partial trade.

i am not looking for lowball offers on these names.

pm you offer or questions (do not ask for a price on any single name as i am trying to sell the whole package)

many of these names had and have already $ x,xxx offers !!
( will exept offers for the next 24 hours)