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    JSP / Servlets account needed

    I am looking for inexpensive development account with JSP/Servlets on Tomcat, JBoss or any other JSP/Servlets container. I donít need a lot of disk space or big bandwidth. I will not generate a lot of load. I just need some place where I could put the demo version of the system that I develop for myself.
    What I do need is that Apache server would be configured not to intercept the incoming requests and then transfer them onto Tomcat. The requests need to go straight to Tomcat (otherwise the filter objects and servlet mappings will not work). Or no Apache on this account at all. I donít need PHP, Perl or Chilisoft ASP.
    Ideally would be to have some way to reload the application without asking technical support to do that. Or application could be reloaded by cron demon if some file has changed (if this is JBoss or Tomcat 5 then it is not going to an issue).
    I would like to have a control panel of some kind do perform some basic configuration changes, but this is not critically important. MySQL database would be nice but not required. No email accounts needed.
    Please email me at alexander.garbuz[@] Thanks.
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    I would recomend using the host quote feature within WHT and specifying exactly what your are looking for in the description/notes section of the form....ofcourse all accounts are going to come with emails.....and other general stuff...but anyways i think hostquote is the best way to gooo....

    Good Luck

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