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    Web Hosting Network Spamming Me

    As some of you may January 2004 I was unceremoniously dumped by Web Hosting Network ( for their false claims of network abuse ... that is all history and I don't want to drag it all up again ...if you want to see details ... do a search and I am sure it will pop up.

    Anyway recently they must have made some changes and I have suddenly begun to receive Mailman notices telliing me that I have pending messages waiting for approval ... but the URLS are unavailable to me due to the fact that I no longer host with them! I have sent them multiple requests to cease and disist and have even reported them to Spamcop ... all to no avail. Today I received my password reminders from those lists also because it was the start of the month.

    Is there anyway that I can get Web Hosting Network to close down those messages and lists? I would like to just put everything in the past and forget they existed ... but I am being reminded of them too often.


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    You shouldn't be getting those emails if your account was deleted.
    Your email must still be listed somewhere on their servers....
    It should be up to them to make sure this is removed and stopped although I don't think it would be spam as such...
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    I agree with you...but I am still getting the emails ... I have tried to access my account using the IP number of that account and it doesn't work .. I have tried sending emails to the company but they don't get a reply ... I have now faxed all the info to the company too so I will see if that gains any response ... you may not consider them spam ... but in my definition spam is unwanted and unneeded email and they qualify as that.

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