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    CPanel - "Reseller" shell access

    Does anybody know of any way such that a 'reseller' WHM account can be given SSH access to their own reseller accounts and all sub-users?

    For example, John Doe (user JDoe) has a 'reseller' account on WHM, who creates sub-accounts Alpha and Beta. When JDoe is given shell access, JDoe is given access only to /home/jdoe (and not /home/alpha nor /home/beta). Is there any way to allow JDoe to access its own ./jdoe account as well as ./alpha and ./beta subaccounts? (Alpha and Beta should not have access to the shell themselves.)

    I've considered the possibilities of adjusting the group/permissions, but apparently this would mess up WHM's structure? Also, does anybody know if it's possible to allow JDoe to connect from 'anywhere' while restricting Alpha/Beta to say, the server only? (ie, similar to hosts.allow, filtering by incomin IP).

    Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

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    cant be done securly right now
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