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    OK i know some of you might know this or there may even have been an article on it, but here it is anyway.

    Go to and register for their forums. Next go to Free Webspace. Read through some of other peoples requests to find out how to format your post. Usually the standard to ask for is like this:
    50-100 mb space
    2-5 gb bandwidth

    When u get set up with an account, get a template from clantemplates and upload it as your index as most of the hosting owners will check that they are not wasting space and bandwidth hosting an empty site. Also, most of their requirements are that the site be in English and that it isn't forum or website only, so basically just install a forum and a website and you're set.

    The reason why this is worth it is because when u register, you get to talk with a human being as opposed to a machine at other websites.
    I got 3 hosts like this.
    Found this on another forum...OK, so all I got to do is use their forum? Design a layout and maintain it for free webspace, and it includes FTP? No Gimmicks? No Tricks?

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    It looks to me like they're suggesting how to trick a free web host to host a forum. does not offer hosting (that I know of). It is a community to find free hosting.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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