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    Managing all these logins

    How does everyone manage all of the different interfaces available? I'm wodering at what one does a client feel overload? Being a Network Admin for years, I'm used to switching in/out of different programs. I was hoping to find better integration amognst Control Panels and related tools, but it's daunting.

    I've got Plesk, Horde Webmail, Kayako Support, Modern Bill, Mambo control panels for CMS sites, etc..

    How have people organized all these things into a seamless environment? Did you skin everything the same? Did you hack the logins on some programs to pass on the authentication from your control panel?

    Where is the line where enough is too much for the average client?

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    We have modernbill setup as a single point for Kayako, MB, and Plesk.

    We are currently working to change it from a URL to a post.

    That is the best method I have come up with for clients.........

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