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    Question In which kind of business are the most in need of analyzing their visitors behaviors?


    Since I'm an intern here in France, I discovered Web analytics... But I have a far different point of view with my boss about the kind of companies, that are the most interested in knowing the behaviours of their visitors.

    I strongly believe that all the news related portal where there is lots of ads on them are really in need to understand their visitors' behaviors... But what do you think?
    In your opinion, in which kind of business people are the most in need of Web analytics tool??

    thxs in advance
    P.s.: I wonder if the point of view will vary depending on the place we live too...
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    I truly believe that EVERY online business should be concerned with their visitors' behavior. If something throws potential clients off - it has to be fixed right away.

    Just my point of view (New York, US)

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    Every single business needs to analyse their visitors....web based or not. It is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of business itself; knowing where, how and at what time your visitors go.

    For example, one local company we consulted was able to reduce it's bandwith usage by nearly 20% by simply putting two links in their front page that were buried in others.

    Also, there's a supermarket here that increased register efficiency by 16% by re-arranging a few key items.

    Both those things were done simply by traffic analysis...nothing else.

    Lima, Perú.

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