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  1. #1 Quality Hosting specials (no cheap rubbish)

    I'm pleased to announce our Demon-Host June specials.

    > Purchase any plan above and including Demon Two and receive a free .com / .org / .net domain of your choice for a year from our domain business ( To use this deal, simply purchase your plan (only plans above Demon One) and domain through our system and the domain charge will automatically be removed.

    > Furthermore, receive 25% off your first month* on ANY of our plans or your own custom plan. To use this deal (can also be used in conjunction with the above deal!), enter the coupon dh25jun when asked to at purchase time.

    Demon Lite
    : :: 200MB disk space
    : :: 2GB transfer
    : :: Unlimited features
    Only $4USD a month

    Demon One
    : :: 1GB disk space
    : :: 10GB transfer
    : :: Unlimited features
    Only $8USD a month

    Demon Two
    : :: 2GB disk space
    : :: 20GB transfer
    : :: Unlimited features
    Only $14USD a month

    Demon Three
    : :: 3GB disk space
    : :: 25GB transfer
    : :: Unlimited features
    Only $18USD a month

    Demon Four
    : :: 6GB disk space
    : :: 35GB transfer
    : :: Unlimited features
    Only $22USD a month

    Demon Ultimate
    : :: 20GB disk space
    : :: 100GB transfer
    : :: Unlimited features
    Only $49USD a month

    Please visit to order.

    Unlimited features include (but are not limited to):

    :: Unlimited MySQL Databases
    :: Unlimited E-mail Aliases
    :: Unlimited Subdomains
    :: Full Technical Support
    :: Cpanel Control Panel, PHP, Perl Support, POP3 Accounts, Autoresponders, Email Forwarding, CGI-Bin, SSL Secure Server, Sendmail, Server Sides Includes SSI, Web Stats, FTP, Password Protection, Domain Hosting, Frontpage Server Side Extentions
    :: Free Fantastico

    Reseller (WHM) <and reseller level support> can be added to any account for an additional $10USD a month.

    Demon-Host only offer 100% quality hosting. We do not oversell on any of our servers and are very much against the idea. We aren't like the cheap providers with "$2 a month 20gb bandwidth hosting". Demon-Host pride ourselves on being able to provide a screaming fast network on only the top level computers, with full featured and greatly priced plans suitable for both the individual through to small and large businesses alike.

    Visit for more information on any of our products and servers and don't forget to visit our forums while you're there

    For the next 5 days only, get a 100% discount on your first month. That's one month absolutely FREE! Use it with the free domain offer and you're getting a domain and a great hosting package for 1 month at no charge. To take advantage of this great offer, enter in the coupon dh100spec when asked to at purchase time. Note: Expires midnight 05/06/04.

    Well, If you've managed to read through all of this and still have a question, please send an email to [email protected] or alternatively if you would like to contact me personally, my email address is [email protected]

    Thanks for spending the time reading and take care

    *Only applies to accounts paid monthly. Contact us to work out a suitable deal if you wish to pay your account in larger installments.

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    For Speed test please use the following files:




    For ping test use the following ip:

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    Just a reminder that the one month free special ends soon

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    I've increased the deal for a free month to the 15th of this month (15/06).

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    ezpz were you aware your payment section pages are dead, or atleast from my connection here they are...

    may be worth you checking...
    Reliable Shared and Reseller Hosting

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    yep I'm aware of it but thanks. Small problem with apache. Seems to be the only page not working. Got the techs looking into it.

    On another note, got a new site being launched soon

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    As long as you know

    Would prefer people to tell me if mine was down too just incase...
    Reliable Shared and Reseller Hosting

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