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    how fun are the colors of this site

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    They're a bit dark. Maybe you should try using a lighter background.


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    There is something wrong on the right-up and left-bottom corner of the light green area

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    Not fun enough. The colors don't really "go" together. Having various bright colors for a fun design is good, but you still need a color scheme or it's just gonna look messy. On this site, the boxes that say "Newest Jokes", "Newest Pictures", and "Highest Rated Jokes" are too desaturated/pastel-looking compared to the rest of the site.

    To get a good color scheme, experiment with contrasting colors. You can go to this site: and in the pull down scheme menu at the top, select "double contrast". Those are the colors I usually think of when I think "fun color scheme".

    I agree that the background doesn't match up with a fun theme, but don't think it necessarily has to be light. If you don't want to go with white, you could also try colors like blue, green, or whatever and use the same colors and/or slightly brighter (but not desaturated!) colors in the content/navigation to tie it all together.

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