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    FTP Account

    Are their free FTP programs? Like I know I used to have CuteFTP awhile back? Also must you have FTP in order to use .php? The .php program I am trying to use is Fusion News and it tells me the following on installing...

    1. First open your ftp program, login to your account.

    2. Now make a new folder, call it News or whatever
    you want to call it.

    3. CHMOD that folder to 777. (if you dont know how to chmod
    please visit our faq system.) ""

    4. Upload ALL of the files that are located in the upload folder,
    to the folder that you created.

    5. Once all of the folders and files are uploaded, u can chmod all files and folders to 777 for convinience or use the appropriate chmods described in the installation.

    Now run the installer. GOTO:

    Follow the steps on the installer, and you can have fusion news Running in no time

    *NOTE: When you run the installer
    Leave the path as ./ on the Path field, and that should work

    6. Delete the installer.php file aswell as the db_convertor.php file for security reasons.

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    This is what I use, it's free. To change CHMOD right click on the folder, click file attributes, then change the numeric value to 777.

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    Just to clear up some more of your questions.

    Yes, there are a few free FTP programs (these are good for beginners) :

    1. Filezilla (Like recipher suggested)
    2. SmartFTP

    If you have Windows 98+ -- you can use the built-in FTP features. Simply type in Internet Explorer to FTP into your server. If you have Windows XP, you can even add your FTP server in your Network Places.

    Windows also has a built-in ftp program (which isn't good for beginners). Simply type ftp at any command prompt.

    No, you don't need FTP to use PHP scripts. FTP is just a way to upload (put) files onto remote servers.
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