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    Anyone heard from these fella's? Their site has been down for about a week or so now. Anyone know what their story is?

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    it appears down from my side too
    i dont know since when, today i want to download something and its inaccesible..

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    seems like 'template' business is dangerous. I have seen several websites (selling web templates) being down from time to time. No matter what kind of sources (hosts) they use....

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    ... & I paid them for one year membership!
    is this what I get for it?

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    i believe the owner posted elsewhere on this board, saying that their provider (datapipe) unplugged them because of the sheer volume of incoming ddos. i believe they are working on making alternate arrangements.


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    Their network is under DDOS attack, we should understand them.

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    when will them be up__????

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