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    Question Loud Sound from Computer.. ?


    My girlfriend has been complaining of a problem with her computer
    for a while now. When she describes it to me, I can only speculate a few things that could be causing the problem but I don't really understand it for sure or how it could possibly be fixed.

    The problem is that her computer's CPU frequently produces a loud and high-pitched sound that generally lasts from 2 to 10 seconds. There is no real pattern for when this sound occurs.

    Has anyone heard of this problem before? Any ideas of what could be causing it? I guess I should mention that it's quite an outdated computer.

    Thanks for the help.

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    It depends upon the sound, but it could very well be a bad motherboard at this point. I had a bit of a high pitch sound when things went sour with mine about a year ago. We had it narrowed down to a bad fan or board but no one wanted me to touch the computer so we took it to the professionals...needless to say I was correct in the end.

    However, I will say that what you are describing only happen for a bit then it eventually did it all of the time and quit working period.

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    If you're comfortable opening your PC's case, stick a pencil into the CPU fan to block it and listen for the high pitch. Some motherboards emit a high pitch noise when their processors start to overheat. Defective fans were common in the 486 days, but I've seen the same thing on PII and older PIII chips too.

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    It could be any of the above, but a lot of times something like this just turns out to be speakers that were left on recieving interference, happens to me quite often.

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