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    * Now Paintings too.

    Hello i came back to offer other services... i already offered logos, flayers, icons, templates, mascots ... now im offering paintings.

    This one is a painting (design for Tshirt) i did for comission from WHT:



    If you need something close to it feel free to contact me.


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    Sergio, you always impress with your illustrations and comics, and now painting as well.

    You really do have a gift.

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    new delhi (india)
    wow, great work sergiosuanez

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    Thanks a lot

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    Nice one, Sergio!

    We wish you the best!

    Take care everyone.
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    Thanks a lot Consul... im hearding a lot of testimonials from castle melody at last time.

    I think you must charge more for your mascots !!!!!! Too cheap !!!


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