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    I just finished a new client's website This was basically a template header and footer for a v bulletin forum, something that i have never done before. Overall I'm really pleased with the results. Check it out! or read more about it on my website -

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    Nice blue chrome look. It also loads fast. Its nice to know that someone cares about those of us stuck using dialup

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    thanks a lot, gald you liked it.

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    Very nice job phiber

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    Thanks, I appreciate your kind words

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    Very nice!

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    thanks guys, as always I appreciate your opinions. Keep checking my portfolio for new designs, and I'll try to keep everything new posted here too, but sometimes things can get a little hectic.

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    i am the client on that, i am very happy with the site. Keep up the great work!

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    Header looks very nice.

    Having some display problems though. Are you testing some things at this moment? The page is aligned all the way to the right, and when you click on a forum thread it shrinks down really small in width. Very weird.
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    Looks fine to me...
    I like the header.
    Nice how you made the car stick out.
    And nice choice of girls!

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