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    Seeking Established Sites to Buy....


    Thanks for taking time to view this topic.

    I am interested in buying any website that you own and operate that has been up and running for a week or older.

    For this offer, my budget is in the xxx region. Number of site that I am interested in (5-10)

    Please PM (PM only) me with the following content:

    Misc. Info:
    -Full name
    -City, state of residence

    Website Info:
    -Full Website Name
    -Complete URL to website and list of all associated url's to that site that will be also sold
    -Date website was launched
    -Who the domain(s) registar's are
    -Date of url(s) registration and expiration
    -Present host and package/plan
    -Present number of unique visitors per day (24 hours)
    -Present number of hits per day (24 hours)
    -Bandwidth usuage for last day, week, bi-weekly, monthly, 6 months, and 12 years if your site has been up and running that long
    -URL to your stats
    -If your site has a third party script not developed by you/owned soley by you. List of scripts and type of licenses and url to their rights owners.
    -Times and dates that you are available for communication.
    -If you have AIM, MSN, or Yahoo IM and their associated screen names.
    -Your ISP email address and name of your ISP.
    -Revenues for your website per day, per week, per bi-weekly, per month, per quarter, per 6 months, per year.
    -Profits for your website per day, per week, per bi-weekly, per month, per quarter, per 6 months, per year.
    -Your est. forecast of revenues and profits for next 24 months.
    -List of the top 20 major sites that link to your website that provide most of the visitors.
    -Further information on any special agreements/or arangements that you have in place with any third party for any service, promotions, etc.
    -Your present or past forms of marketing/promotions.
    -Cost of operating the site.
    -Time to operate the website.
    -Products that you offer on your site
    -Services that you offer on your site
    -List of your website's competitors, similiar websites that offer the products or services that you also do; full website names and their urls and if they recently launched or have been in the sector prior to your website's launch.

    *any other information you feel would be useful in helping me to get a better understanding of your website.

    *If you are a host, please include number of clients, number of servers and server configuations for each, number of clients you have had, number you presently have, number of former clients, where servers are located. cost per month for servers, any third party tech support services, etc.

    *Special conditions before I will buy. You must agree to run a third party stat monitoring link like Nedstatbasic, etc. for a week or so until I can conclude that your website's stats are actual.

    *All sale are non-refundable, once check, etc. has been sent and confimed you received either you cash it or not is up to you and not our fault, no refunds of any form. You will forfeit your rights to associte yourself to the website that was sold in any form or way (unless we grant rights to here by do so) and will agree to not communicate in any form about the scripting or technologies and marketing, etc. data about the website.

    Must be willing to accept all of the following forms of payments: PayPal, United States Money Order, Travelers Check/Business Check, and U.S. Money Wire/Transfer.

    After you have sent the PM containing all the requested information above, we shall reply back within x-72 hours with either one of the following types of messages:

    [Interested] Means I would like to know some certain extra information about the website before deciding, and before I decide to buy or not.
    [Thinking] Thinking about your website still....
    [Not Specific Type] Means the website you gave info about I am not interested in the present time in acquiring, but future maybe.

    Again thanks for your time.

    The sale of the website will take place from 2-8 weeks from now.


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