Hey WHT,
I am currently seeking a job to work for any type of game server company. I'm very experienced in this industry from my past ventures.

I'm able to set up any type of game server for your clients in a decent time. The newer games I have not tested out but will do so if needed.

OS: Able to work with both Linux and Windows.

Tech Support: AIM,MSN,ICQ,YAHOO,MIRC and Live Chat (If wanted also help desk/e-mail support)

I have good customer skills and very polite. I am determined to solve anytype of problems!

Extras: Able to set up Team Speak/Ventrillo,SSH,PHP, and I'm able to solve any type of web site problems.

Per Ticket or Salary or Free Game Server will do.

I'm able to work 7+ hours a day and 12+ on week days.

If you would like me to send a full resume or if you have a position, please PM me.