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    * Stream to thousand of places for only $15/mth!!!

    For just USD$15/mth you can stream your Ads to hundreds of sites and forums

    Normal Member Sites Examples : ( More than 900 members )
    And many more! - Location at the end of site

    Boosted Sub-Domain Holders Examples : ( More than 50 members ) - NukePhp Help Sites - misc programmer's source - Misc Forum Talk site - Game Clan Site
    And Many more! - Locations varies

    GalacForum User Sites Examples : ( Almost 800 forums )
    And many more! - Located at end of forum

    This is a rotational Banner Service with the number of advertisers uncapped.
    Prices are at USD$15/mth transferred by PayPal or Credit Card only ( Other forums of payments are on conditional basis )
    ( Multiple Banners are allowed at the stated price )

    Special Prices for contract holders
    3 month contract = USD$36 ( $12 / mth )
    6 month contract = USD$60 ( $10 / mth!! )
    Payments are to be paid in full contract term and recurring until cancelled manually by you.

    Buy out position
    If you are interested in buying out this position please contact me for more details.

    Size of banner
    468x60 pixels in JPEG or GIF only.
    468x60 SWF banners will be charged differently

    Traffic Stats - Difficult to monitor... :p
    There are too many sites to track... May and April Stats reflect up to 500,000 each month without Sub-domain holders.

    Please contact me on MSN Messenger ( [email protected] ) for fast dealing or negotiations
    OR email me at [email protected]

    Looking forward to working with you
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

  2. Which month is available for banner advertising?
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    Your competitors are cashing in with Cpanel XP & CpanelAPP, are you?

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    Any month It will start on the day you advertise and end on the next month on the same day
    ( eg. 6th June - 6th July )
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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