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    Unhappy Ideas for web project

    Do you have any ideas for a project my friends and I are doing at school? We have to make a website about something. We are completely lost on ideas. Please help!!1

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    how about a webhost review site. you can review me first!

    or a site about keyboards
    or speaker wire
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    A website on educational resources appropriate to your grade level or your class.

    or: buckeyballs, superstring theory, superconductivity

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    i site about a fake doco on school groups you know... the smart group (nerds), the good looking group, the sluty group, the soccer group and so on.

    and how the reacte to each other and cope with societies views upon them...

    and which group survives and comes out as the dominate one.

    (i need to go back to school and learn to spell)

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