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    I think I've narrowed my choice to 3, help me pick!

    For the first time, I'm looking for a non-free web host. I'm going to be creating a family web site, mainly for photo sharing at this point, but at some point we will be setting up subdomains for all of us who want our own pages. I will eventually host all of this myself, but until I can afford the server this will have to do.

    Here is what I think I need:

    At least a GB of storage, preferably more,
    5 GB of bandwidth/month (an off the top of my head guess).
    email service with my domain name, preferably imap,
    subdomains availabe (not sure how many I need yet though),
    LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP),
    CHEAP!! (without picking a lousy company),
    anything extra is nice, whatever I don't know how to use now I will learn.

    So far I've narrowed my choice down to three providers(with my preferred packages), but of course I'm open to any suggestions not listed: - business package ($9.99/month):
    3 domains (a plus that I can use later on)
    50 subdomains
    150 pop3 accounts
    1 GB storage
    15 GB bandwidth/month
    Free CGI programming (PHP 3, PHP 4, Python, Perl) - does this mean I get their scripts free, or I am free to use these languages? - standard package ($59.95/year):
    1 add-on domain (what does this mean exactly?)
    unlimited subdomains
    unlimited pop3 accounts - with imap access?!?
    1 GB storage
    20 GB bandwidth/month
    php and mysql - starter plan ($3.99/month or $30/year) or advanced plan ($7.99/month or $70/year):
    unlimited subdomains
    unlimited pop3 accounts
    1 GB storage (for starter plan) or 2GB (for advanced plan)
    15GB bandwidth (starter) or 20 GB (advanced)
    unlimited mysql db's, perl and php support

    Obviously I'd like to avoid a disaster by picking a loser company so I'd like to hear feedback, good and bad, about any of these hosts. I've read about a lot of problems from 1and1 during their free period, but not much bad about them since. The others, i'm not too sure.

    Again, I'm open to other options as well.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback/ideas,

    --Kenny King

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    Test their support response times by emailing them a quick question. A good host will usually respond within a half hour or so.
    Cory Pippen
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    CPQIS Evan: Thanks for the idea, I'll try that.

    P10n33R: How long have you been with

    --Kenny King

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    Obviously I'd like to avoid a disaster
    Then don't pay for a whole year. Pay monthly until you are fairly sure that the service is what you want it should be.

    About the addon domain:

    Good luck!

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    I havn't been with them very long, but I do plan on staying with them for a long time. A few members here are also hosted by them. I hope they don't mind me posting their user names.

    Amir - Owner and CEO of
    Artashes - of toumanov media
    Dubtastic - of dubtastic design labs
    Me - ...

    I am sure there are more here. If you have any questions about Go to their support page and submit a ticket. Or sign up and ask on thier forums.

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    Look for "Free trials" test the support ticket center/emails if response is slow stay clear
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    They also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

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    search on these forums it may help

    I have heard good things about 1and1 and I saw that they had one of the largest growth rates in the business, so that is also promising

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