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    ThePlanet Cabinet Colocation

    Hello Everyone,

    I would just like an opinion from some of you on the following question. If I was to rent a cabinet for colocation purposes and had the intention of small but gradual growth. What type of hardware would you suggest to link my drop to the Cisco 3500's -or Cisco 2900 (undecided) that I plan to use to connect customer's servers to. I am not looking to purchase anything overwhelming but it should be under 1,000.00 from my perspective. Feel free to tell me if my request is unreasonable.



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    It all depends on how much bandwith you feel your going to push and feature sets you want to use on the switch.

    Both Cisco 2950 and 3500 series switch are great, you should be able to find them new or used for under $1k on ebay. Just becarefull who you buy from.

    Good Luck.

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    Would you use a cisco 2900 / 3500 to connect to your drop or would that be something to use after the router. For example as below:

    Network Drop




    I maybe thinking unlogically but I am sure you can make me some suggestions on the proper way to do things.



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    your DC should provide the router
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    Yes, you would only need the switch.

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    and what about Fireall?


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    The datacenter wouldnt provide his router AFTER their network drop... Look at the diagram people...

    The router in that diagram would be part of his own personal infrastructure, not the datacenters so it would be *his* responsibility.

    A router wouldnt actually be needed however, seeing as TP already takes care of that on their side.
    What I'd suggest instead is an L3 switch, linked down to an L2 switch for aggregation.
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    With a small setup, I don't really see any reason to unneccessarily add single points of failure to the mix. Connect your servers directly to your switch, and connect your switch directly to The Planet.
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    Thanks for all the replies, I went over my initial plan and for now I believe you are right in the sense that an individual switch should be fine for now until I plan to build out my infrastructure a bit more.



  10. Which switch to use

    Cisco 2900 would be fine.
    If you plan to have a GigE link, please make sure you get a
    Cisco 2900 with a G and the end.

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    Cisco is facing out 3500 series.
    You can get a Cisco 2950 or 2950G.
    2950 has 24 100mb ports.
    2950G have 24 100mb ports and two Gig ports
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