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    Red face AID - CS 1.5 and CS 1.6 Dedicated Server

    Looking to setup a Celly 1.7 with Counter Strike

    Located at

    Does any one know how many PLAYERS this server can hold?

    Can I have a game of 1.5 and 1.6 running at the same time?

    Is there any one who would be interested in helping me setup CS? I would be willing to work out something.


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    Don't bother a celeron cannot handle a cs server at all. Spend a couple extra bucks for the p4.
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    yeah and even with a P4 unless it has a lot of ram, you won't be able to hold that many players.

    Usually people go for something like dual as you will be able to host more then 1 game.
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    Well, I have a Celly 1.7 free.
    Looking to setup CS on it.

    Is it possible?

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    Yes it is possible to put the server on the machine.. but will it handle it good? not sure

    If you want.. i can help you setup Counter-strike on your machine..

    Is it windows or linux?

    give me a pm.. or catch me on aim.


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    Don't bother a celeron cannot handle a cs server at all. Spend a couple extra bucks for the p4.
    Very untrue. I had a Celly 2.0 ghz, and I ran 2 CS servers fine, and 3 with a bit higher ping times, but not much to speak of.

    I have set up dozens (literally) of CS servers in the past, and would be willing to help you.

    My contact details are in my sig.

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