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Thread: Getting Clients

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    Getting Clients

    Whats the best way?

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    I think word of mouth is an excellent and reliable way to get new clients. Send an e-mail out to your clients (select ones, individually, or a mass e-mail) asking them to tell their friends/family about your service, and offer some sort of referral program or benefits to getting you new clients.

    Plus, ask them for testimonials! That is also a good way to get clients.

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    you can always advertise your site on forums such as WHT in the hosting section and maybe make special deals

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    Get out and network your business. There are many events and local networking opportunities that you can attend. Make a goal to hand out a certain amount of business cards that day and don't leave till you do.
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    Originally posted by monster123
    Make a goal to hand out a certain amount of business cards that day and don't leave till you do.
    words taken out of my mouth
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    while you are out networking:
    Carry business cards with you (all day, every day).
    Create a personal nametag or pin with your company name and logo on it and wear it at high visibility meetings

    Special offers, word of mouth, affiliate programs, advertising/marketing, extending your service line i.e. offering SEO services, web design if you dont already
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    go around with a can of spray paint and put up ur url on lots of building sides..

    okay maybe that is over doing it a bit.

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    Re: Getting Clients

    Originally posted by exstreamhost
    Whats the best way?
    Give them unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. They'll flock to you for sure.

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    i would never get hosted with a company offering unlimited space and bandwidth. maybe thats just me
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    if you offer unlimited bandwidth & disk space the newbies to hosting would run to you, however the more experienced people would resist and wonder how you're paying for your bandwidth charges,

    i'd recommend using word of mouth to promote

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    Agreed... word of mouth is your best bet. As long as you stand by your service, you'll keep the customers coming.

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    Social networking within your local market.

    Thank you.
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    Sponsor events. Has anyone mentioned that yet?

    Go crazy on marketing, guerilla style. Keep it legal, though. =P And have fun!

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    Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising we've invested in. And by that, I mean making my clients happy and making them like us enough to actively want to recommend us.
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    Hitting up the local market always seems to be a good strategy.
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