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    total newbie question


    i am starting a web hosting company. i am a reseller myself.
    here is my question.
    what exactly is a dedicated server, and how do i sell them?

    thank you

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    It's exactly as it sounds; a server dedicated to one client for the sole purpose of logging in and doing whatever you want, whether it be hosting web sites, game servers, or just using it for a Linux test box on a nice link.

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    When you said a newbie question, I wasn't expecting this.
    Put it like this, you have a reseller plan, in order for you to have gotten that reseller plan, someone had to have a Dedicated Server, so they can install software to help control the server, and give you web space.

    The only way to sell dedicated servers is to run your own Datacenter or rent space in one( ) and buy Dell servers( )

    or become a server reseller for a Dedicated Server provider. - Host on Cloudrck
    Unmetered VPS Solutions at it's finest

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