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    .com and 1 .net domains for sale

    Domain------------Registered Until------------Registered With
    Code:          24/11/2005 
    - If you've seen those cyberproduct download protection 
    scripts then you'll know what this can be used for.            19/03/2006          19/03/2006            17/03/2006         17/03/2006    10/12/2005 
    - Some hosting domains         18/04/2005           25/04/2005 
    - Domains for online dating and flirting!                14/04/2005          14/04/2005          14/04/2005 
    - More hosting domains             16/04/2005              16/04/2005 
    - A clever play on style and logic! 11/09/2005 
    - 'Internet' and 'Marketing' with a twist!  
      Something similar to perhaps?
    Okay, and 1 .net for you affiliates :D               25/04/2005 
    - Run your O2 affiliate scheme with this great domain name
    Any transfer fees are not included in the sale.

    Offers here or by PM, please.

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    Can't PM you until you have 5 posts. I will take protohosting for 10 usd

    Let me know

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    53 offer $20 for both

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    How much for downloadfort?

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    Originally posted by philipb123
    How much for downloadfort?
    I'm accepting offers on all domains although if you want a 'buy now' price then make me a good offer - although has received two offers so far and the current highest bid is $19.

    I'll announce the winners in another post which might be in a couple of days although it might not be until next week at the very latest depending on how much time I have.

    jonknapp - Your bid of $10 for has been beaten by a bid of $15. Please feel free to bid again.

    goldcd - You're the current high bidder for and

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    By the way, all payment by PayPal please. If you've a problem with this then please let me know before bidding closes.

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    19 for proto !

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