Hi there. I am running plesk 7.0.2 and decided I wanted to be able to scan emails for viruses.

After looking around a bit QMVC (http://www.fehcom.de/qmail/qmvc.html) Looked good because:

It didn't require patching QMail (since plesk has a custom build I thought this was a good thing)
Looked quite easy to setup...I am an idiot.

I installed most of the require programs (message822, maildrop, korn shell, clam antivirus)

Now it appears that installing one of the above screwed Qmail and i am wondering if anyone might have an idea what it is.

The emails seem to be piling up in the /var/qmail/intd directory (docs say intd/457: the envelope, under construction by qmail-queue).

I am not sure what pertinent information would be useful but if asked I can provide configs.

Also - has anyone got a virus scanner working with plesk's qmail build without buggering anything up?

Thnsk for any help.