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    Premium Member Ship WHT?

    I'd like to know the Pros and Cons (if any) by Geting a premium member ship with WHT,, How do I get it and How Much... Thanks...

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    6,835 Here all the pro's are outlined, there are no con's besides having to pay.

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    checkout the helpdesk for the WHT to answer the types, costs and benefits options for premium memberships.....

    and you can helpdesk for more advanced questions... at

    Good Luck

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    I honestly, just my personal opinion.....see no pros. I see no cons either....I see this as only a way for iNet to make some cash and in return they give you a nifty little gif under your name, and turn on some standard vBulletin features.

    All in all, I'm not so sure that I'll be running out to spend $50/yr for that.

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    Weren't there a Tshirt and a mousepad involved? Those are definite pros, although I'm not sure they are worth $50.

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