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Thread: Ensim VPS

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    Question Ensim VPS

    I have been looking at some ensim vps plans some of my accounts are on an Esim 3.1 appliance which my current host no longer updates, so I am looking to move to simlar ensim 3.5 pro of 4.0 pro, and have them but don't seem to have much detail on there websites, if anyone uses them can they post any info that may be helpful. I am also e-mailing for details however real worlg info may be more helpful then sales info, First impressions they both have pro and cons,

    webreseller have a better website forums, etc ( although there forum is currently down with a phpBB : Critical Error a con ) and they have some previous downtime mentioned in these forums before. they dont mention what cpus they use what percetage you get or maybe I haven't seen it.

    elm they do mention the percetage of cpu but not what it is, They seem to be more expensive the webreseller or should i say they offer less space although they do offer a 30 money back guarantee.

    Any personal experiences with either would be appreciated

    by the way i was wanting to look at dinix for other stuff but I have not been able to access for 2 days

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    just curious, how well does ensim work compared to plesk .... im starting to play with plesk in VPS (cause i have it and) am just curious thanks man
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    Ensim has improved dramatically with 4.0.

    Definately worth your time and money.

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