I want to say my opinion on this hosting company's reseller plans, i currently use their intermediate reseller and i opened a free host using it, hoping to progress with it.
My experience with them (actually, he, Jack Wesler) is 5 months long, no major problems except for when the DNS didn't work for 24 hours, they're speed is pretty fast, not always on Live Help but he will reply to your email the same day.
Bandwidth prices are hilarious, they only charge me 60cents per GB of bandwidth, space is always enough.
All in all i'd recommend them.
These are my previous experiences with resellers:
T-chnolojik.net - very bad uptime, probably no more than 60%.
reseller2host.com - good company but very high prices, i left after my usage was over 90GB per month.

These are just my two cents,