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    windows, is that word ok?


    Am I aloud to use the word 'windows' in a domain name w/o having legal issues with MS?


    is that legal?
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    Well... to me it seems to be legal. Microsoft does have a trademark resting on "windows", but that may change if court rules that "windows" is a generic term (as is proposed by Lindows, Inc). Apart from that, a trademark on a name does not mean that you cannot use the name in any other names/domains. What I mean is.... if you register "" then you might well lose the domain, as it is too close to Microsoft's trademark and it degrades Microsoft's product. Your domain however is long, and can also be explained in other contexts.... like "You want to track the number of bugs which are splat on your car windows".

    So I think you are relatively safe... however, if Micro$oft is out to get you... you always lose, unless you have sufficient cash to counter them.

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    I would have to Agree with Adonis.
    But then again we are talking about M$ they can be a bit picky some times.

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    msft just pokes around not knowing what there really doing like if you remeber everyone yappin about mikerowesoft (if you ever followed up on him he just added mikerowesoftforums to his domain name and got a developer kit free full of free software etc.)
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    Well Mike Rowe is a very young guy.... and it doesnt look all that great if Microsoft starts legally bashing a 16 yr old (or whatever his age was) with court orders. That is very bad publicity... even for Microsoft. So they bought it off very cheaply.. and I assume they wont be doing that with adults.

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