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    Trick played on expired domain?

    I've kept on eye a domain which was going to expire about a week ago. It's owned by ICANN accredited registrar (that's what their front page says at least) and would have been for sale at ridiculous high price.

    For most people it means nothing, for me it would be cool to have but not a must, that's why I didn't backorder it from places I knew about. Those did not have "no win no fee" policy but they rather let you re-assign to other domain. Okay, the domain then expired and I got impatient anyway and read here about and their "no win no fee" policy. For few days GoDaddy and Pool have reported domain expired but someother whois services have shown it's been renewed for a year. Those services show always last update being 'today'.

    This made me suspicious, would it be possible for registrar play some trick to made it look like extended while it was actually expired? If this is the case, then it might be deleted and I had realistic chance at Pool.

    And if you are not bored yet, what do you think, is it possible to negoatiate about domain price with such dealers? I've understood the business isn't that hot anymore and if there's expenses for registrar to have it renewed they might like to make some money of it. On the other hand if I offer something they may feel there's interest and decide to wait for another offer. As I said, it's nothing to most and it's available in many TLDs.

    Btw, I'd prefer not to say registrar name, they may be a good company, my first feeling was negative when I saw for sale page.

    Edit: I browsed some more. Maybe the dealer is not accredited registrar, one of name servers is at registrar's domain but 'buy this domain'-link doesn't go to their site. Good I didn't say their name
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    the registry usualy adds 1 year waiting for the registrar to renew (usually for 45days or so) when the domain is on-hold and the customer did not renew, they take the 1 year renewal fee and change the registry expire date back to the original date and the domain fall into redepmtion period.

    check this image hope it explain a little

    basically the expire date in the registrar is still the old date.
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