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    $25 unfinished template


    calling all designers out there, or web designers...

    Well, i've left the design scene, and i wad clearing my computer when i found this template which i had left unfinished. Its got a pretty good start to it, and i have no intention of finishing it and selling it. So i'm allowing you guys to make a quick buck

    basically i'm letting go of this template at $25, and you can post here to buy it. its unfinished, but all it needs more is a nice header graphic, and filler words. Its a simple, clean layout, slightly minimilistic.

    anyway, here is the template:

    The stuff is all in PSD- if you would like to know how to do the domain search and client login capability, i can send you the files i have for it (although the domain search capability requires whois.cart).

    basically what you'll get is:

    - PSD
    - All buttons, graphics, etc.
    - live support button

    please post a message here to buy it. i might take quite a while to respond, because i am in a different time zone from most of you (asia).

    please do consider buying this. it is really a nice template (although i'm biased cos' i'm the creator!) and if you are a good designer, i'm sure you can bring out the best in it. i don't think it needs much customization, just a little work in dreamweaver and it should come out real good. you could even come back here and sell it for thrice, or even four times the price!

    if you're interested in buying it, post it here, and once i contact you, send your $25 over paypal to [email protected]. Please DO NOT send before i contact you- i have no intention of getting into a muddle at the moment


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    I take it! Contact me in the details in my profile and then I send the payment.

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    Did he buy it , if not i will have it

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    template is temporarily sold to Pate- if the deal can't go through, then i'll post here to let CaroNa know

    Anyway i've dug up a whole chunk of unfinished templates- will post some of them here next week when i touch up a few of them


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    chears ,

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