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    * New to cobalt and require virtual site help..

    Hi, I am new to Cobalt and am having some trouble setting up a cobalt server I required last week. It is a Raq3 running Raq550 OS and so far I have figured out how to wipe the box, restore the OS from CD and perform backups. I am now trying to configure the server to host sites. I have a fixed IP address from my ISP which I have setup on a netgear ADSL router/modem.

    Fixed IP from ISP =

    I have set my router up with this static IP and enabled port forwarding to all requests go to the Cobalt server. The details are as follows:

    GATEWAY on home LAN =
    PC on home LAN =
    cOBALT on home LAN =

    I also have three domain names registered with DomainNamesGB which have online control panels which enable me to change the web forwarding addresses and Name Server settings for each of them. For this question let's say they are called

    www WEBSITE1 COM
    www WEBSITE2 COM
    www WEBSITE3 COM

    I have set up www website1 com to forward to When I connect to the internet through a dial up account seperate to my LAN I can type www website1 com in the browser and be taken straight to the cobalt login screen. This tells me my router settings are working okay.

    The problem starts here. I do not know how to setup virtual sites on the cobalt server. I created two virtual sites on the cobalt server (www website2 com and www website3 com to mach the domain names) and gave them addresses and

    Is this correct or should I have gave them both an address of

    I FTP'D to the cobalt server with the admin acount and I can see the two web sites have been created but do not know how to direct the two domain names to these two virtual sites. I am sure it is a DNS problem but do not know what to enter in the Cobalt Servers TCP/IP settings for Host name and DNS Server, should this be the domain name and DNS server of my fixed IP?

    Can anyone please help, after three days of trying my eyes are starting to hurt....

    Any help / info is appreciated.
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    additional info...

    update : Do I now need to perfom the following steps:

    log into the cobalt server and go to Network Services --> DNS to enable DNS Server.

    Log into the online control panel for www website2 com/www website3 com and forward both to as well as adding this address in the DNS settings (as the cobalt server will now be acting as the DNS server) or do I leave the web forwarding blank?
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    more info..

    Just to let you know I have setup A and MX records for both domain names. Under 'Server Management --> Network Services --> DNS' I added four recods:

    MX Records

    mail website2 com forward
    mail website3 com forward

    A Records

    www website2 com forward
    www website3 com forward

    When I type the addresses for either website in my browser I get directed to the cobalt login screen (as if I had just typed in the router IP)

    ps:- I have left the . out after www in my posts as I am new to the forum and cannot post url's yet...

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