You are invited to Chow Ka Fat's "Three-way Artificial Intelligence Mastermind" Web Page, the most feature-rich on-line version of the board game classic. (Or being another classic itself?)

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-There are billions of possible code combinations (or permutations, using the proper mathematical term). You have to take a life's (or several lives') time to break all the codes.

-There are altogether 1,424 different game settings to suit players of different levels.

-You may choose to be the Codebreaker or the Codemaker. You may also choose to watch the computer play with itself. (Hence the phrase "Three-Way" in the title of this homepage.)

-Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) of this programme, the computer can break the most difficult code using an incredibly small number of steps within seconds! (Believe it or not?)

-There are different versions of my games, including VB, VBScript, JavaScript, ActionScript (i.e. Flash)

-You may play online and you may also download one to play on your PC.