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    In need of a really good host FOC

    Hi Everyone

    I'm editor-in-chief of a web magazine The Cheers ( I managed to get a link to one of the articles on the site - "Reality stripping" - feature from a strip club. And the site where the link went, has really heavy traffic. Unfortunately, this managed to bring my server down lol. It seems my host can't handle this amount of traffic...1 visits/second....since last night (within 10 hours) I have received 14 000 clicks through this site. However, unfortunately only a few actually made it to the site.

    I'm hoping to get the site up in couple of hours (with denied requests from that site). But most likely this will be just temporary. So in the long run (or probably not so long...), I will probably have to find a a host that can handle also this kind of traffic (even though I might not get back to this type of number before months...).

    Lets be honest - I don't really hope you have. BUT if someone has something to offer (for free) that would be able to take such many requests if needed and also support php and mysql on the server then be sure to let me know. As no money goes through the magazine and even all the contributors are volunteers, I couldn't pay anything. But if, independent of that, someone is ready to offer me something, please let me know. My temporary email is [email protected] or [email protected]

    Siim Einfeldt

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    What's the url that you would like to be hosted?

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    Reply sent The url is, but you won't see it right now as my current host is still afraid to put the site back up.

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    Give me a shout if these others cannot help you thx.
    eXeGaming : Professional Gaming Organization

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    thank you. I will keep you in mind.

    And EVERYONE - Thank you for your offers, I appreciate it a lot

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