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    Providing free hosting with banner ads

    I currently have a hosting company that offers free websites with advertisements placed on them, but I am going to be switching to another host very soon. I am using mod_rewrite with mod_proxy on my old account in order to place the banner ads on the free sites, although my new host does not have installed which is necessary for mod_proxy to work.

    I was wondering if anyone else offers websites with banner ads and how you implement them. The only other way that I know of is to force the users to upload their files through a script placed on my website, which I really don't want to do because then it doesn't allow them to have server processed files like php, cgi, shtml, etc. Can anyone else here help me with this problem?

    P.S. Just in case anyone suggests it, I have talked with the new host and there is no easy way to add modules to Apache after it has been compiled and installed because they don't have a feature installed that would allow them to do this (I forget what it's called), so the only way for them to actually get mod_proxy working would be to completely recompile/reinstall Apache, which I wouldn't expect them to do even though I did give them quite a bit of money... I would do it myself, but I don't have root access.

    Thanks for all your help,

    Mike Robinson

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    I'm just curious, but are you still looking to get free hosting in exchange for ads? Did I read this right? Or did I miss something?

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    No, I am the one offering free hosting. I place ads on the websites that wish to be hosted with me and I already have people to provide me with ads.

    What I want is to know about other hosts that offer similar services because as soon as I switch to another server, I won't be able to place banner ads on my site in the same way that I do right now.

    Sorry if my first post seemed a little bit confusing.


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    In other words I need to know if there are other methods for placing ads on pages that don't require the use of the apache module mod_proxy

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    Ok, gotcha. Wish I could help, but I dont deal in any form of free hosting.

    But if you are worried about banner rotation, there are many great scripts out there, that do wonders for that, other then the one that you are using now.

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    Nah, a banner rotation script is not what I need at this point in time. Maybe eventually, but not now. What I need right now is a way to add a pre-defined set of code to some of my users' pages after they have been parsed by the server.


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