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    shell script obfuscate


    (posted this in tech+security, asked a mod to move but no response yet - please delete if necessary).

    I am looking for a way to either encrypt / obfuscate a string using a bash shell script.

    The catch is...

    It cant be a one-way hash. Md5, etc wont work because it needs to be reversible, preferably with a key.

    I found some cheesey ROT13 routine.. I would like to make it a little more interesting than that.

    This is just for some little project - it doesnt have to be overly secure.

    Any ideas?
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    couldn't you just use a Ceaser Cypher thingy? it's like bumps each character up a certain amount and just subtract it that many to decode it. simple, unsecure, and pretty basic.

    string- "imleet" would produce "lpohhw" if it was bumped up by 3.

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