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    Server Management Starting at $100/month


    Platinum Hosting is holding a server management special. For a limited time, you can sign up for one of our server management plans for as low as $100/month.

    All Management includes a initial security audit, and then update and configuration, as well as monthly security checks.

    Monitoring is included free of charge. You recieve your own url to monitor the status of the server, as well as add services to be monitored.

    Our management plans break down the time into general management, and emergancy management. General management is normally used up by the end of the month, but emergancy management, is reserved for emergancies(server down, serious exploit discovered, etc) and rolls over to the next month if unused.

    Our basic management package includes 8 hours of management and 2 hours of emergancy management, which starts at $100/month.
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    good value sheps
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