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    OFFER: Custom promotional signs, flyers, etc


    Just here to pick up a couple projects with some spare time I have.

    I am focusing on doing promotional signs, flyers, signage for both online and print use. My last few projects have been promotional sales signs for in store use by the computer and audio-video departments of London Drugs (Regina location), a large Canadian retailer.

    A sample of my most recent project for them is attached, a Klipsch / London Drugs promotional sign used in print in store and also in show homes.

    I am flexible in my pricing and it will likely be dependant on your requests (obviously a small sales sign would be cheaper than a 4 page information brochure). Please make an offer and we can work from there.

    If you are interested, please respond here or by PM with your needs and budget. Thank you.

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    Just to add...banners, buttons, etc will all be accepted as well. Approx. $20 for a banner.

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    I also have this PSD template for sale if anyone wants to make an offer (PSD only, not coded, sold as is)...

    Also I'll adjust prices for my stuff above:

    Banners: $10
    Signage/flyer (like Klipsch example): $30
    Logo: $15

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    No offers on the template even? It's all layered, and organized into sets...each layer named for easy organization.

    Willing to let it go cheap...just make an offer.

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