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  • Yes, it is to long

    1 11.11%
  • Yes, it is to long and not easily remberable

    1 11.11%
  • yes, it is to long but easily remberable

    4 44.44%
  • no, it is not to long

    0 0%
  • no, it is not to long and not easily remberable

    0 0%
  • no, it is not to long and easily remberable

    3 33.33%
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    my webhosting comany name


    i am starting a new webhosting company. many people have told me(mostly friends in the industry) that my buisness name is to long. what do you think?

    i think that it is really easy to rember, easily brandable, and all together a very good name.

    what do you think?
    if you think that it is bad, please tell me why, and also how about a recomendation for a change?

    thank you all in advance

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    I think it will work

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    it thinks is good and easily rememberable provide good service and value to your customers and then they will remember your company.....

    Good Luck

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    i think it's good
    and my name it longer
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    I like the name, its pretty creative. It catchy, creative but a bit long. but i think its easily remembered.
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    Sounds good, not too long at all.

    Damian Bruno
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