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    * [Job Offer] Personal Portfolio Needed

    Hello fellow WHT Members.
    I have decided to make a Job Offer to some of the talented people here at WHT. What I am in need of is a Personal Portfolio.

    What is my budget? - $225 (No More then that)
    What is needed? - Full site design, fully coded in php or (xhtml strict if you are capable)
    Colours? - I like the light colours, however I do have a thing for Red, and Blue, but Ill go for anything 'eye catching'.
    Inspriation? - Dont want to go about it that way, I want to be supprised by the design, and very orginal from the designers head.

    A Few things I would like to have in the design.
    1) - 100% Height (not required - but if you dont use it, i would prefer the layout centered)
    2) - Splash (isnt needed, but would like it)
    3) - Vector logo (which I have now, just not in vector)
    4) - My site name which is or a variation of that. - sevenlabs

    Payment is by paypal.

    Contact? - Most of my contact details can be found in my profile.
    AIM - c pr0mpt cmd
    MSN - [email protected]

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    If you need a logo vectorised...
    Logo Design Vector Conversion Print
    UK Business Labs Forum - The chemistry in B2B

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    Very Nice.. I can show a logo I need if possible.

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    Hi. would be willing to help you with this. Portfolio is I hope to hear from you soon.

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    hey, Im from and we would be able to make the site for you. portfolio at We also offer free hosting for a year for first time customers.

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    Whats up Darkstar, I'd be willing to make you a portfolio site.

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