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    Billing Program Setup + Skinning


    I would like to offer you wht users Billing Program Setup and Skinning. Prices range between needs, but they are very affordable, and we can work something out that will fit your budget.

    I specialize in Client Exec, in both installing and skinning order forms and login forms.

    Skinning starts at $40 with your current design, and all depending on the complexity of your design.

    Custom Design & Skinning starts at $100.

    Skinning of billing program includes:
    Skinning of Order Form
    Skinning of Login Form

    If you are interested, or have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or AIM me at QurazyQuisp.

    I will also answer any questions you may have here.

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    Please visist where I am using domain registration control panel, For hosting I use Helm and Cpanel. Does Client Exec is compatible with that? I like to install this at which is currently running on a windows server.

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    Client Exec should run on your server as long as you have ioncube loader, and the latest versions of MySQL & PHP. Currently it will auto-create accounts with cpanel, but I am unsure about helm (there could have been a plugin made for it.)

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