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    Question about changing hosts

    Hi. We've been using ProNicSolutions for about 3 years and have been extremely happy with them; however, our bandwidth is growing rapidly as we grow and we're at their highest shared package now (@ $30 month/30GB transfer). I've come accross this hosting company: and actually can't believe they offer 40GB of transfer for $7.95/month. Can someone tell me if I'm missing anything here before we switch? The only downfall I've noticed is it only offers 1 Database and we need at least 5. Thank you.

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    I don't remember hearing anything bad about lunarpages. 40GB for $7.95/month isn't too over the top to start worrying about.
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    Make sure you check out the software Lunarpages does not permit on their servers. I think they have banned Invision and VBulletin form software just to name a couple...

    To be safe email their sales department and ask them about your site specifically naming whatever software you use...

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    You can't go wrong by choosing LunarPages. But make sure they allow you to host the softwares and bulletin board you require.

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    Thank you. Yeah, we have vbulletin and an online store (xcart). I'd like to keep everything in one, but now I'm considering breaking it up with an alternate domain.

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    also check out if they charge you for additional databases and add-on domains. I think you have one DB, can host one domain in their package only.

    otherwise, Lunarpages is a good one

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    They don't accept VB, and the 7.95 package does only have 1 DB and 1 Domain. But I'm thinking of just moving our store over there as it has 40GB/transfer. Does anyone know of anyone as reputable with a better deal? Of course I'd like to keep it all on one.

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    lunarhost suxors...
    use some one more reputable check out for host listings or

    I use
    You get what you pay for in my opinion.

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    i have heard decent reviews about lunar pages....ofcourse run searches of reviews about them on this forum....i am sure a many reviews will turn up.....doing through research of host definately pays up on the long can also use the hostquote features to find hosting providers that provider features that are closer to what you are looking for....what ever company you decide to go with...after few months do post a review about them plse...

    Good Luck

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    Not bad I say stay with it.

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    If your happy with your current host ask them for a custom plan, theirs no point changing hosts if your happy to save a few dollars per month.
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    We've been using ProNicSolutions for about 3 years and have been extremely happy with them
    I'm sure that your current hosts will accomodate you if you contact them to explain your problem. Have you done that, and got a response from them as yet?

    My advice would be to stay on with a host that you're happy with...especially after 3 years!
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    Originally posted by MN-Robert
    If your happy with your current host ask them for a custom plan, theirs no point changing hosts if your happy to save a few dollars per month.
    Agreed, they should be happy to make a reasonable offer for a long term customer.

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    I'm gonna have to agree with MN-Robert and Walter on this matter.

    Just drop them a line, tell them what you need, they should be more then willing to do it for a long term customer.

    I mean, after all, it would be a better business decision, then say, letting you leave.

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    If you need more than 1 DB and 1 Domain hosted you should look for another web hosting provider

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    No you are not missing anything. Web Hosting prices have dropped drastically in the last years. This is a normal price in today's hosting world

    Hope it helps

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    Originally posted by Maximiliam
    Haha, there we go again, why don't you do yourself an favor and do some research about JohnScott and internet-marketing-research on this forum.

    I rest my case

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    My personal opinion would be to contact your current host to see what they can provide, especially since they have proved reliable in over the past 3 years. I'm sure that they'll work something out with you since they probably will not want to loose such a long time customer.
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