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    Get 50% off and 100mb extra space on any shared hosting plan

    Order any shared hosting plan and get 50% off the first month and 100mb extra space for the lifetime of your account.

    Just put whtoffer in the Promotion Code textbox during checkout to get 50% off and 100mb extra space.

    Offer ends on June 20, 2004

    Why choose Palmer Hosting?
    At Palmer Hosting, we believe that support and customer satisfaction is #1. Our goal is to bring you the best support, satisfaction, and site uptime you have ever had. We will bring you the best quality hosting at the lowest price possible.

    Palmer Hosting will provide the best quality hosting at the lowest possible price. We always use the best equipment available in the market to host your site.

    At Palmer Hosting, you will get the best price, yet with the best support and quality. We always strive to give you the best price possible.

    Our support team is the best you will ever have, when you site goes down or if you need help with something, we will be there to fix it or help you with it free of charge.

    Your site will always be up, if it goes down, we will immediately be notified and we will work on getting your site back online as soon as it goes down.

    Visit our site at

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    Here is the specs on our server:
    DUAL 2.8 XEON HT (Thats like 4 CPU's)
    2 gig ddr pc2700 ram
    up to 100mbit
    Palmer Hosting - Quality hosting at the lowest possible price.

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