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    Domain Transfers at GoDaddy?

    I need help here.

    I am not understanding this process (or I refuse to believe that it is as complicated at GoDaddy is making it out to be).

    1. I have a Ministry website that I maintain. This domain was registered with the host when the site was opened. I need to move this to my dedicated server.

    2. The host agrees to transfer the name to me, no problem. They submit a change of ownership to GoDaddy and tell me to watch for the email to confirm.

    3. Nothing happens.

    4. I call GoDaddy to ask what is taking so long, and they tell me to contact my host and ask them to cancel and resubmit the change of ownership.

    5. Lather, rinse, repeat -- we go through this THREE times now, and I still haven't received my verification email from GoDaddy on this domain.

    GoDaddy is telling me that they can't do anything.

    My Host is telling me that they are doing the only thing they can (3 times now).

    I am fit to be tied.

    Can anyone out there please explain to me what the issue is here, what steps are being missed, and what in blue blazes can I do to stop this 10 day cycle of he-said-she-said and just get the stupid domain transferred over?


    Thanks to anyone who can help me navigate this mess, or has any suggestions for me!!

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    maybe using wrong info?

    why don't you just transfer it using registrar-transfer and renew it for another year.
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