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    Anyone experienced

    Whats your take on this company,

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    None of the links on their website (top links) work like aboutus and datacenter etc.

    I.e. doesnt load but does.

    That shows you they are clueless :-)

    They appear to be hosted on which isnt a bad network but I have heard of overselling rumors.

    Try I recommend them to everyone.

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    How does accessing an url with www and without www make them clueless? You should elaborate your point.

    They both work for me.

    I never heard of lesshost
    PierreB - Montreal

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    Must have been a temporary issue or a dns error.
    It now loads for me but it did not before.

    My point was, I was assuming they didn't have proper dns entrys & or web server configurations :-)

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    Heh, now the site without the www doesn't work and the www does!

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